3 takeaways after debuting SB2 at Automatica 2022

SB2 at Automatica 2022 in Munich

AZIOBOT presented its floor scrubber robot for Businesses and Industries, at Automatica 2022 in Munich. It was our first exhibition among many Industrial robots, and we received plenty of attention each day with curiosity over our floor cleaning robot SB2.

After speaking to many attendees and potential customers, we have prepared three important takeaways from the feedback we received during the event.

1. Industries are struggling with keeping their floors clean.

Be it a warehouse, food manufacturing, textile manufacturing, or any kind of industry. There was common feedback that we received, it’s a hassle to find workers to use their manual cleaning machine. And they would like to focus their energy on finding people for their core business. It’s not a surprise that attendees were quickly intrigued with the prospect of having a robot clean for them.

2. There is an unmet demand for such automation.

It is quite interesting to see that although there are many cobots for automating plenty of the processes in production and logistics, the demand for automated cleaning is still not satisfied. We had great fun showing visitors how easy it was to set up our robot and clean with it. A great testament to our technology.

3. SB2 lets you do more.

SB2’s easy setup and advanced navigation let businesses do more and be more efficient. We develop and manufacture our robots in the Netherlands, and give the best support to our customers. Who doesn’t loves a cleaner floor every day?

Do you want to see if SB2 can clean your floors? Let us know here.

What’s next for SB2?

We will soon share amazing news regarding our upcoming development with SB2. Stay tuned.