need to keep your commercial floor clean and hygienic?

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Autonomous Floor Scrubber Robot

Let's Start With a Quick Setup

Simple Setup

Map the desired area once by just moving SB2 around. SB2 auto generates the map on its screen, in real-time using SLAM technology and integrated sensors. You can additionally create No-Go areas and cleaning Zones according to your needs.

Quick Setup


That's It, Just Start Cleaning!

Smart Cleaning

SB2 auto-generates the optimal cleaning path using our high coverage cleaning algorithm. For cleaning any desired area, you can easily select the desired Zone from the saved map.


Flexible Cleaning

High Coverage

Safe Navigation

SB2 is able to easily avoid people and obstacles because of its integrated sensor suite consisting of LiDAR and Depth Cameras. And further, it quickly replans its route whenever needed to keep on cleaning while maintaining full safety.


Depth Cameras

Analysis and Support

Get real-time updates on cleaning and robot's usage on your phone or desktop. It helps you in optimizing your cleaning operations. We also provide quick tech and customer support for any issue.

Cloud Connected



Li-ion battery


Reduces water usage with smarter flow control


150 Kg

Kerb Weight

40/40 L


4000-5000 m2

Cleaning Area

4-5 Hrs

Run Time

Easy, isn't it?

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