Autonomous robots for commercial floor cleaning

We have already seen the evolution of vacuum robots at homes, most of them are quite good at cleaning and do it quickly. Some of them also come with features that let you choose the specific areas or spots you want to clean. And all of this is done autonomously, you don’t have to teach those bots anything, they find their way themselves. It makes your life easier, doesn’t it?

But what about the commercial floor cleaning?

The benefits of having such technology in floor scrubbers are obvious, especially in industries that need regular floor cleaning. Not to mention the relief for employees from frequent body strain and fatigue caused due to pushing/driving traditional scrubbers. Having an autonomous robot that can easily cover even larger areas with the same tenacity at any time of the day is the game-changer for cleaning floors.

Although there are multiple floor scrubber robots available in the market, how many have you seen being used, and more importantly are they a replacement for traditional scrubber machines?

According to the industry experts who have witnessed various scrubber robots in action, it is still a challenge for customers to use them in place of their current scrubber. Major reasons being:

  • Costly and complicated set-up process that often requires a visit from the service team.
  • Teaching specific routes to robots, that they will follow for cleaning. Is that autonomous? Shouldn’t the robots do that on their own?
  • Some of them can’t be used manually if needed. This is important to the users, as they would often use it manually for quick cleaning.

SB2: Simple and Truly Autonomous

Well, that’s what we are bringing to the commercial floor cleaning, starting with our first product SB2, a fully autonomous floor scrubber. We have gone through all the problems that various industries and their staff face for keeping their floors shiny and hygienic. And that’s why we have carefully designed our Software and Hardware for the utmost ease and comfort for our customers.

Simple Setup

We believe that the very first feature any cleaning robot should have is an extremely simple setup. The setup of SB2 takes just minutes and can be done by the user himself/herself without any special training. The user just has to move SB2 around in an area once and that’s it.

Furthermore, users can easily create zones and restricted areas on the same map using our simple user interface on the screen of SB2. It helps in cleaning specific zones instead of the full area while avoiding restricted areas mentioned by the user.

Autonomous Cleaning

With the mapping done, SB2 takes care of cleaning on its own. We don’t need to teach it anything explicitly, it analyses the area using multiple sensors and creates its cleaning route on its own. And with every cleaning, it learns and improves itself. Moreover, users can also use spot and zone cleaning for quick cleaning of specific areas. And of course, it can be used manually too!


Safety is crucial in any kind of robot. We have used multiple sensors like depth cameras and lidar to make it completely safe and reliable around various objects and people.

One Last Thing

With the main features aside, SB2 also charges quickly to give that additional range if needed. Furthermore, all the cleaning history and real-time cleaning can be analyzed either on SB2’s screen or via an app/website.

We have given complete control to users so that they can use SB2 whenever and however they want.

It makes cleaning easier, doesn’t it?

To know more about SB2 check our website or tell us more about your cleaning requirements below.