How to keep your warehouse floor clean?

The challenges of cleaning a warehouse

Cleaning warehouses is highly essential to ensure that workers work in a hygienic environment. But cleaning it can be time-consuming and tedious. In most of the warehouses as of today’s date, it is really difficult to deploy a regular cleaning schedule. The major reasons for this irregular schedule are because of the ever-increasing labor costs, poor job satisfaction, limited labor availability, and health-related risks associated with cleaning industrially dirty environments. On average, most of the warehouses are cleaned once every month. This period is not fixed and there are facilities which clean their environment once every 3 months. This standard of maintenance can affect the workers’ health in the long term, spoil the expensive machinery in production warehouses, reduce its lifespan, and deposit dirt in storage shells of storage warehouses which should be improved in practice.

A nimble robot to help you clean every day!

SB2 Cleaning Robot from AZIOBOT.

We have something for you. SB2 is our compact, safe, smart, and fully autonomous floor-cleaning robot for your daily cleaning. SB2 is designed to take care of your facilities in a way you have never seen before. With state-of-the-art software and hardware integrated together. SB2 is smart enough to find its way even through crowded aisles. With the easy setup and flexible cleaning software, it is now possible to clean whenever you want.

Since the development of our robot, we have had various implementations and trials with the robot in different kinds of environments. It works in a few simple steps. More can be read about the tech in this article

Today we would like to tell you how our robots can keep your warehouse clean, in 3 simple steps.

  1. First of all, we find out what is the suitable time to clean your facility, either in zones or in full.
  2. The next step is to train your employees on how to maintain the robot and start the cleaning according to the planned schedule. 
  3. Analyze the results on our web-based dashboard and optimize your daily cleaning. 

For more detailed planning, our experts can assist you in creating your own cleaning plan. Please reach out to us here.

Seems like you might be having a lot of questions. So, let’s try to answer some of them. 

Why is the robot smaller in comparison to your usual cleaning machines?

Larger machines help in cleaning faster and cover more area at one time. This can be useful if you would like to clean quickly before you would like to close your operations. But since the robots can be used anytime, they don’t need to be so large and that fast. Important thing is to collect that dirt and clean the floor properly.

Can the robot work at night? And who would run it?

You can easily schedule the cleaning with SB2 to meet your desired schedule, and it will take care of the rest for you. And yes it can work in the dark as well. 

Can the robot work in a busy and dynamic environment?

Yes, our robots are able to navigate around the ever-changing environment due to our integrated software and hardware. And this is something that is quite different from other semi-autonomous cleaning machines and makes our robot actually autonomous.

But how about those fast-moving forklifts and huge reach trucks?

We know that your employees like to drive those forklift trucks in beast mode. But our advanced sensors and obstacle avoidance algorithms are smart enough to detect many kinds of static and moving objects, including those speedy forklifts. And moreover, with various indicators and spotlights, it becomes easy for drivers to spot the robot while it is cleaning.

Can it clean as well as a traditional cleaning machine?

Yes, and this is something that we would like to show you at your own facility. Our experts can assist you in finding the right amount of brush speed and water usage for your daily use. This way you are also able to save a significant amount of water in comparison to the larger machines.

How difficult is it to operate?

We have the most simple UI that you can find. It takes just a few steps to start cleaning and maintaining the robot. Other than that, our experts set up the robots for you and train your staff.

How would I know it works for me?

We know that every facility has its own requirements. But our experts can tell you where our solutions might be able to ease your daily operations. You can reach us here.