Tackling worker Shortage with Cleaning Robots

The interconnectedness of the global events over the past couple of years has caused an unbalance in the global economy, resulting in global inflation. And in terms of supply chain this means that when one price goes up, others tend to follow. This has resulted in an increase in labor, energy, and transport costs. Hence contributing to the global inflation.

What does this mean for Supply chain/Logistics and warehousing companies?

The supply chain industry is already facing the challenge of labor shortages. Companies are struggling to find workers to handle the ever-growing demand for package shipping and warehouse management. In addition to this, now the supply chain and warehousing industry face a huge challenge of global inflation. It is certain that companies are set to experience a huge bump in labor, energy, and transport costs. And to ensure that the supply chain demand is met, it is critical for the companies to meet the increasing costs.

What problems can arise on the way?

Apart from being able to meet the increasing costs, the companies have to tackle the problems of :

  • Skill mismatch among new workers.
  • Difficulty to meet increasing demand.
  • Shortage of materials.
  • Increased cleaning and maintenance costs.

Tackling all of the problems at once can become overwhelming and a tedious task for any company. As a result of which most of the time cleaning and maintenance are ignored. Over time this leads to a dirty and unhygienic warehouse or a storage unit. In pharmaceutical, oil, food, beverage, and several other industries, having a clean warehouse is very important. And regularly ensuring that the warehouse surface is clean is a monotonous and expensive task as warehouses can be as huge as 100,000 m2.

Cleaning with a smart industrial floor scrubber robot

One way to cut down on the cleaning and maintenance costs is to automate. Automation has time and again proven to be financially beneficial in the long run. AZIOBOT is a robotics company focused on tackling several Supply Chain and Warehousing problems. Our solution to regular warehouse cleaning is our prime product SB2. SB2 is a completely autonomous scrubber robot that can clean your warehouse autonomously without any human intervention required. Advanced autonomous navigation and industrial-level sensor integration make SB2 the safest and the smartest autonomous solution. SB2 is able to track dynamic movements and avoids obstacles smoothly when it’s working. To know more about how SB2 can be a better fit for you click here.